When In China: Traditional Dishes Of Chinese Festivals

Gastronomy and experiencing the various culinary traditions of each destination that you will travel to is one of the best memories that you will cherish even in your old days. China is one such destination that offers such a diverse variety of dishes that come in a multitude of flavours, tastes and textures. The best dishes to try are the authentic ones which they also enjoy during special and auspicious occasions. Here are some of China’s must try festival eats that you simply cannot afford to miss!

Mid-Autumn Festival goodies

Come Mid-Autumn Festival in China, one of the most beloved dishes that will be savoured a lot is the Snowskin mooncake in Singapore. These delicious confectionaries are not baked and they found their origins in Hong Kong. The story tells of a bakery in Hong Kong that decided to change the basic recipe of this treat and instead of lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolks used fruit and less oil. This was mainly due to the fact that consumers felt that the original recipe was unhealthy. These little balls of deliciousness have glutinous rice for a crust and are usually frozen.  They are therefore always eaten cold. Their characteristic white colour is what gives them the unique name. Sometimes however, some varieties of this sweet dish can be slightly different in colour because of the fillings that might be used. While the original filling of these was a combination of lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolks there are many different varieties around now such as fruit, coffee, jam, cheese, chocolate and a paste made of mung beans. Some exotic examples of fillings are strawberry, purple yams, sesame, mango sago, durian and green tea.

Wedding menus in China

The Chinese associate a lot of importance with the wedding banquet that they arrange. Inviting everyone over for a lavish meal is mandatory in China. There are a few components that go into this feast as essentials which will not be missed at any cost. They start off with a whole roasted pig. This is the highlight of the event. Next is the wedding cake or traditional french pastry. These are very small and individual pieces which are served to all of the guests that attend. The dragon and phoenix dish represents the union of ying and yang with chicken fulfilling the part of the phoenix and eel or lobster the dragon. There is also a variation done with jellyfish and meats served as a cold dish. A shark fin soup, a duck, a whole fish and strong hard liqueur are other essential components of an authentic wedding meal in China.

The Lantern Festival

Chewy and round tiny dumplings are the highlight food of this beautiful festival celebrated on the 15th of the first month each year to celebrate New Year. While some of these are plain, others may have sweet or spicy fillings as well. The dishes may be simple, but the taste is nothing short of exquisite!

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