What To Gift Someone When Visiting Their New Home For The Very First Time

Don’t be sad if you couldn’t make it to the house warming party of someone you adore. Here are a few gift suggestions that will work perfectly, even as a late “new home” gift…

 A gift that help your host to decorate their home

Buying or moving into a home is a simple enough process; but sometimes, you just don’t calculate the additional costs that moving involves. As a result, most new home owners don’t really have enough to spare one they have done the basic decorations. So if you are planning on opting for this gift option, try to think outside the box. If the gift receiver is close to your heart, then avoid the “off the shelf” gifts too. Something like a custom coffee table book will do very nicely; especially if you have access to their social media pictures. Coffee table books printing in Singapore is simple enough, and won’t cost you overly so as well.

A gift that will help them start off their new library

We understand that things like quality magazine printing may take time; something you might not always have. While you can also opt for something like a photo frame ornament that you can customize, we understand that this might not be where your interests lie. If you are interested in the book part of the previous idea, but not the printing part, and if your gift receiver is a book lover, then buying them an entire series of books is a great way to help your host start off a library of their own; or even enhance their existing one. Alternatively, you could also get them their mini library, in form of a portable bookshelf.

A gift that will complete their kitchen

In many ways, the kitchen is the perfect place to find your gift inspiration. If your host is new to cooking, then things like a knife set (with or without a knife sharpener), a spice box (which you can choose if you’d want to fill with exotic spices), a wall hanging miniature herb garden, or even a few books on beginner’s recipes will do well as a gift. For more advanced home chefs who like hosting, a dinnerware set, a fine quality cutlery gift set, a signed recipe book by their favorite celebrity chef, or even a pretty table cloth or placemats for their table can work as great gifts.

A gift that will enhance their guest rooms

Most people love having guests come over; and a great tip off of for this love of theirs is when they have a guest room ready in their home. like with the decorations of the rest of their home, many new home owners tend to leave decorating their guest’s rooms for a more favorable time; financially at least. Simple things like guest towels, luxury bathroom accessories for their guest bathroom, pretty rugs or throw pillow covers in flexible colors…these are all great gift options concerning the guest room.

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