What Is A Concept Store?

This is a retail store which does not sell products simply but builds on a certain concept or lifestyle theme. As a result the products that are offered here match the desires of people who agree or aspire to such a social lifestyle. Hence, a concept store goes beyond offering products at random to purchase but offers a certain lifestyle which is showcased through the different products on offer. This approach is often taken up by different lifestyle brands that can make use of a concept store to offer clothing, homeware accessories and other such lifestyle items.

Makes a group appeal

A concept store is usually all about group appeal. That could be high fashion or street fashion that appeals to youngsters; it could be fashioned that hipsters would prefer or those who have a more bohemian outlook towards life. Usually retail interior firms who are involved in Singapore commercial interior design of such nature can offer solutions to such brands or clients.

Store offerings to explore

The interior design companies that have worked for different lifestyle brands or retail outlets can help a client firm to decide on the layout for such a store. For instance, if there is a high fashion concept store being designed, there might be a clothing section where apparel of different designers are offered; accessories would then take up different sections such as shoes, fashion jewelry, perfumes, bags and even electronic items. The range of products on offer will depend on the category of items being offered by the specific brand or company.

Design features

While planning the layout is quite a standard procedure, the creativity lies in how the store interiors are done. The aesthetics would play a vital role in creating the right ambience or drawing in the right segment of people. For instance, a sports or youth ware brand needs to showcase vibrancy, energy and an outdoor is an outlook on the way the store is designed. Nowadays bare brick walls have become a popular choice of interior wall décor as well as including graffiti on the walls, which can help reflect a street or urban trend.

If you are planning a concept store and need to get the right ideas, it would be wise to get in touch with a retail design firm that has handled similar projects. You need not poach design ideas of other brands, but find ways to stand out or make your own mark. An experienced retail designer can provide you the right ideas and help you get started with the kind of brand experience you wish to project through your store.

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