Sleep Disorders Related To Respiratory Tract

Breathing related sleep disorders can be of different kinds. One form is a disorder that arises from abnormal breathing, which is known as obstructive sleep apnea; there are other kinds of sleep disorders that arise from breathing problems which are known as central alveolar hypoventilation syndrome and central sleep apnea syndrome.

What are sleep apnea syndromes?

The sleeping disorders that arise from sleep apnea syndromes usually are the result of blocked airways. It is rare in children, but if your child does experience sleeping disorders due to blocked airways, it is best to refer to kids ENT doctor in Singapore. Individuals who suffer from the central alveolar hypoventilation syndrome usually have shallow breathing problem that reduces the level of oxygen in blood. When one is unable to sleep at night due to breathing problems they usually feel sleepy during the day, have problem staying awake and alert and the cycle continue as they do not sleep well at night.

Common occurrences to be aware of

The breathing related sleeping disorders are usually found in people who are overweight. Those who have adenoids or enlarged tonsils that lie between the throat and nose also suffer from such symptoms. Such individuals might alternate between light and deep sleep. Any form of sleeping disorder, if it continues to persist, can affect one’s ability to stay focused and alert when performing different activities. It also affects overall health. Hence, it is best to get diagnosed and treated for the right ailment by the best ear nose throat doctor in town.

Prolonged side effects

Though many people experience difficulty in breathing that affects their sleep, often many tend to ignore this problem. However, prolonged apnea affectation that is not treated can have adverse effects on one’s health. For instance, those who suffer from central sleep apnea syndrome experience stoppage of breathing several times for short intervals during their sleep. Such a pattern can result in increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the blood and deprivation of oxygen. Even though one might have an okay pattern of sleeping that is interrupted by light snoring, it is best to get such a condition tested and treated. When ignored for long, this can affect the cardiac health as well as the supply of necessary oxygen to the brain. As sleep apnea is a syndrome more common in overweight individuals, most doctors advise such individuals to reduce overall body weight by following a healthy diet and exercise regime. Such aspects go a long way to better overall health of an individual and help them overcome breathing related sleep disorders.

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