Selecting A Kindergarten For Your Child

There are many things you should consider when selecting a kindergarten for your child. Up till now, they will have been safe inside your home but a kindergarten would allow them beyond the boundaries of their house into the world outside. They will experience new places and people. This is a very important step in their academic education as well as their experience of social values.
Look for referencesThere are so many playgroups to choose from. It can be quite overwhelming to narrow down your search to one place. You can get the help of family and friends for this endeavour. You can also ask your neighbours about the best preschool in Singapore near your home. You can gain a lot of knowledge about the kindergarten by asking for their experiences.
Curriculum of the kindergartenThe philosophy adopted by each playgroup will be different. It is up to you to recognize what you most value. Do you want your child brought up in a strict academic based environment or a more open creative environment? You have nurtured your child for years so you know where they will thrive. You can even enrol your child in a bilingual preschool. Their minds will find it easier to grasp new languages and concepts when their young. Think of their strengths and weaknesses. What environment would allow them to grow?
Location of the kindergartenThe location of the kindergarten also plays a role in the decision making process. It will be more convenient for you if the location is near your home or your workplace. Work out how you will be dropping and picking up your child. This will make it easier for you to come to a decision.
Staff-to-child ratioA lower staff-to-child ratio is preferred. This way there will be enough time dedicated to the students. Smaller classes are also better as it will make sure that your child has enough room to develop. This way no child will get overlooked and they will receive equal attention.
How the teachers interacts with the childrenIt is better to visit the kindergarten before you make a final decision. This way you can get to see where your child will learn and play. You will also get to meet the people that will be around your child. See how the teachers work together with the children. Do they create a nurturing environment for your child? Do they pay attention to safety? They will be the people moulding your child’s psyche. Therefore, you need to focus more attention on their teaching methods. Check how they discipline children as well. Make sure the place is kept clean and the children are provided with healthy meals.

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