Quick Bites: Food Of The Undergraduate

Remember the days when sleep was just a word and your purse rang hollow? Those were the days when you drank like a fish, partied like an animal, cobbled together assignments for class and somehow scraped together the rent money at the end of the month. Food was never high on the list of priorities but was a mainstay in every dream, mostly because there was no money to eat out and every meal you cooked had to be on a tiny stove or hot plate and a microwave.

Here, to take a trip down memory lane, are some dishes made infamous down dorm halls:

Two Minute Fare

No student passes through a university without at least once having instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is one of the cheap meals available and can be prepared in 5 minutes; simply drop the contents of the packet into a pot of boiling water and add the sachet of seasoning. The best thing about this meal was that it was quick and also satisfyingly salty and oily. Not to mention that because so many companies battled for the consumer market, there was an endless variety of flavours to choose from.

Another popular meal was the creamy soup UAE, courtesy of instant powders. Again, there are plenty of concentrates and cans that can be turned into a meal without much fuss and under 5 minutes. This made for a popular meal for those staying in for the night because it was filling and also cheap.

Bread and Everything

This is the age when students discover the miraculous property of bread, namely that bread can be eaten with anything. Butter, jams, jellies, cheese, leftovers, curries, fruits, nutella and many other sauces and condiments were used to make sandwiches and toast. Sandwiches took a little time but were easy to make on the 2 ft2 countertop in the apartment, while toast was simply a matter of pushing in the slices and waiting for the “ding”!

Take Out and Delivery

When a group of broke undergrads got together, they miraculously produced enough money to get take out. The most popular choice? Pizza. If somehow there were leftovers, then it made for an excellent breakfast as well. Take out was usually Chinese cuisine but then fried chicken could also be popular. Nothing was even remotely healthy, of course.

Ah, those were the days, when you ate to live and ate without worry. The amount of oil and fat consumed as an undergrad would power your life for years now, wouldn’t it?

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