Keeping Your Big Day Memorable With Different Styles

So you are getting ready for your big day? You have chosen a date and a perfect location and now you have invited all your friends and family. All you need to do now is finding a professional cameraman with a good eye to take pictures of your marriage to make your day extra special. Finding a professional is not difficult, of course. There are hundreds of professionals and service providing companies related to this field and you can find them even online. Online services are also safe, secure and convenient. You can find a cameraman that suits your needs based on their customer reviews, previous projects, location or fees. Difficult part, however, is identifying what exactly you want from a professionals.

There are different and famous styles when it comes to marriage and pre-wedding photography. Among them, four main categories can be identified as most common and most popular. This guide will tell you about those main types. Once you have chosen a professional individual or a team to take pictures on your special day, you should choose what type of style to use in these pictures. First and the most famous type of pictures is called photojournalism. This is different from conventional methods, because in photojournalism professionals do not involve in your ceremony. Hence, you don’t have to spend spare time posing for pictures. Professional team will take pictures of your marriage as a story and they will blend with the rest of your guests. Once the album is made, you will feel like reading a story as you browse through your pictures.

Second type is the traditional type. Unlike photojournalism, cameramen and his crew will involve a lot in your ceremony. They will act as directors and you will have to pose for their pictures following professionals’ guidelines. Even though this sounds boring, this is one of the most famous types of picture styles. Also, not every cameramen can direct and lead parties properly.

Third type is the fashion type. This is one of the most trending types available as well. As the name itself implies, these pictures are taken with additional lighting and extra fashion elements. Not every cameramen is capable of handling this type of pictures and hiring a Singapore wedding photographer is your best option, if you are going to choose this type.

Final type or the category is known as trash the dress type and you can get an idea from the name itself. This is also famous as rock the frock or as fearless bride. This type of photoshoots are done after your big day and as you can understand, brides usually trash their dresses and make fun memories of it.

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