How Secretarial Work Can Benefit Your Business?

A well-established company will definitely find it useful to have somebody take care of some small office work as well as the more important administrative services to ensure proper functioning of all business activities. As the owner, you will quickly find out that hiring somebody else for this position is better than taking it all on yourself: after all, you have several other things to monitor and take care of, which means that you won’t always have enough time to dedicate to decision-making processes.

What this ultimately means is that you will do well with hiring a company secretary in Singapore yourself, or handing over all of this work to an external firm that specializes in secretarial services. A secretary is usually responsible for handling work like the few examples mentioned below. As you can see, your business will benefit quite a lot by having a separate entity for this job, as all of them do carry some sort of importance for your company:

Filing Services

Filing of important documents and such must be performed at least once every month. You will require manpower to complete it quickly, but also somebody in charge of supervising the work to ensure it all goes to plan. Your secretary is the perfect candidate for this due to her knowledge of company activities overall.

Attending Meetings

If your company is a large scale one, where you have to attend a lot of meetings in a particularly limited time period, it may be wise to send somebody else in your place to take note of any important events. Again, this is a position that can be efficiently taken by your secretary, who will then inform you of any change in plans or other important information you must be aware of.

Handling of Some Account Activities

It is advisable to employ a specialized accounting and bookkeeping services for handling important accounting work and maintenance of accounting books, but there are several such activities that can be done just as well by your secretary. It consists of simple entries which work according to the double entry principle (which your secretary must have an understanding of if you want her to work on them).

Typing Work

This is one of the major functions performed by your secretary. Typing of e-mails and replying to both clients and suppliers is something you should always entrust to your secretary. This ensures that all important documents are double-checked and proof-read to ensure they are error-free before sending them. If your company has a tendency to receive a lot of letter and e-mails, you may want to employ a few extra hands to avoid your secretary being overwhelmed by an excessive workload.

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