Helpful Tips In 3D CAM

technological advancements, this has become one of the most important as well as one of the most famous methods of engineering. Frankly, this has changed the way of thinking and the way of imagining because with printed components, you can build almost anything. All you have to do is use a CAD software package to execute a design file and then you get it printed with any material, including ABS, plastic, wood, metallic substances etc. The most crucial part in these CAM processes is the design part. Because you’re final product will depend on your design parameters and also, its properties will vary with your input values in design stage. Following are some helpful and important tips to keep in mind if you are a designer.

Try to avoid supports

When you get something printed using a printer, you have to introduce supports to your component or to your design in order to strengthen it. Because as you print it and as the material cools down, component will try to collapse and as a result it will deform in a bad way. This is vital in light printing such as aluminium 3D prints in Singapore. Even though you need these supports, having more than enough will harm your original design as well. So always try to avoid unnecessary supports. It is a good habit to avoid these supports as much as possible.


Even though engineering has mastered a lot of things, it cannot go beyond the rules of physics. Thus, when you make something from scratch, you can’t expect to have absolute accuracy. That is why you have to introduce a certain tolerance to your designs. These tolerances will change accurately as you print your final products. Make sure to have optimum levels of tolerances since more tolerance as well as less tolerance can affect your design in a bad way.

Warping and overheating

This is a vital drawback in this engineering processes and one must take extra care about these. Professional companies and individuals who are specialized in metal prints know how to handle these drawbacks and if you are a beginner, you can ask information and guidance from them and also there are tutorials available. As materials cool down, they tend to warp and if you overheat the materials they will change their properties and in turn, final design will be altered.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to CAM processes and companies that offer these services have mastered them with time. It is recommended to contact them to learn more through their products if you are a beginner.

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