Difficulties One Faces With Buying An Apartment From An Owner

There are only two ways of buying an apartment in the market. The first way is of course buying an apartment during its construction stage from the developer. The second way is buying a complete apartment from its current owner which could still be the developer or an individual who has bought it from the developer.

Buying an apartment from an owner is the method which we see most people doing as they look for an apartment usually when they are in a hurry to move into such a space. However, this method of buying an apartment comes with a set of difficulties unique to it.

Cost Is Higher

When you are buying an apartment from an owner usually you have to pay the market value for the apartment. If the owner has done some renovations, which makes the apartment different from its counterparts in the market and better than them too, the value is going to go up even more. However, when you look at something such as Northwave EC price list you can see how the value you have to pay for an apartment in the construction stage is lower than the actual market value. This cost you have to bear to buy an already completed apartment from an owner can be a problem for most people. The cost only goes down than the market value if the apartment has suffered damages or if the owner is in a hurry to sell it.

Apartment Could Have Suffered Damages

There are also times when you end up getting apartments which have suffered damages. This means you have to spend even more money to get them back to their right status. If you find out about these damages before the sale happens you can at least negotiate with the owner and bring down the value. However, if you do not find it before the sale you will be spending more money than an apartment in its condition deserves to have and also bearing costs for repairs.

Finding One Which Fulfils Your Needs Exactly Can Take Too Much Time

If you are going to with an option such as Northwave executive condominium which is in the process of being built you get a better chance at selecting something which is exactly as you need it to be. However, it can take a longer time to find the kind of apartment you need when you are buying from the secondary market.

These difficulties are faced by the people who are looking for a condo to buy.

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