4 Potluck Style Party Ideas That Won’t Feel Like Potluck

In all honesty, we feel potluck parties are one of the greatest solutions for the reluctant party hosts. They are also a fantastic solution for anyone looking to host a lot of people, in limited time. Not to mention, they are also a great idea for budget parties. So in short; they’re simply a great idea! Here are 4 potluck style party ideas, that won’t feel like “potluck”.

Build a platter…pastaAs experts on food, we can tell you that there’s not a lot of people who could say that they are not fond of Italian food. Now, we know that Pizza’s are an all time favorite; even for parties. But it’s not always a budget friendly option; especially if you want to feed a huge crowd, or a lot of hungry people. Instead, consider setting up a food bar that helps your guests build their own personalized dish. The potluck part of it comes when you ask your guests to bring their favorite pasta toppings and sauces!

Build a cup…ramenInterested in the food bar and the concept of giving your guests the freedom of making their own food, but not so much about the formality that pasta brings? No problem! Nothing screams informal like ramen! And the best part? You can even choose healthier wholegrain instant noodles in UK if your guests are the healthier type. As each guest has the freedom to dress up their own cup of noodles, they can season it to suit their level of spice, as well as turn it into a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal as they wish.

Have a party while…picnicking Isn’t it strange that most of us forget our love for picnicking as we grow older? It might be because we associate picnics with family, or because as we grow older, we live in more urban areas; that are not so ideally picnic spots. But a picnic, in which everyone brings in a dish of their own is a great way to have a potluck party; without it being called that! And the best part? Anything that can be transported can be considered picnic food; even low fat instant soup!

Have a party while…you barbequeIf you don’t mind it being called a potluck party, but want it to be something bigger than just that, consider opting for barbeque potluck party. Very much like your ordinary barbeque parties; only with a twist, in which the guests bring their favorite cuts of meat or favorite BBQ vegies. While the host will still have to provide the grill as well as some of the trimmings including the barbeque sauce and seasoning, it’s a great way to ensure that there’s a variety of food to offer to your guests; as well as plenty of it.

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